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Brief Outline of Kiryu City
Kiryu City PR Movie-YouTube-

Historical Cityscape
A textile manufacturing center
1300-Year Tradition of Kiryu Textiles
many sawtooth roof mills and earthen-walled warehouses for storing silks
Kiryu Shinmachi Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings (selected by the National Government "Agency for Cultural Affairs")

 * Establishment and Development of the City of Kiryu (PDF)
 * Sawtooth Roof (Wikipedia)

 * Map of Downtown Kiryu Historical Buildings (PDF)

A Bountiful Forest and Pure, Limpid Stream
Enjoy the Beautiful Ravine to Your Heart's Content
The Watarase and Kiryu rivers flow through the city


Kinopi "Kinopi" is the Kiryu mascot , symbolizing the early modern heritage of the city's sawtooth-roof textile mills. This lively mascot, an emblem of the city, represents the plentiful water resources and verdant green environment with which the city is blessed. The 3 roof peaks on Kinopi's head symbolize the 3 harmoniously consolidated districts of the city: Kiryu, Niisato and Kurohone, while reflecting the future growth of the city.

"Kinopi Goods" are available at the Kiryu Tourism & Products Shop "Watarase", Citizen's Activities Promotion Center "YUI", Kiryu Textile Weavers Union Shop (1F) and Kiryu Local Industries Promotion Center Gift Shop (1F).Please see "Kinopi Goods Shop Map"(PDF). And also please see "Shopping for Local Specialties of Kiryu" page.

visitor information
Citizens Activities Center YUI
Citizen's Activities Center
Tourism & Products Shop Watarase
Tourism & Products Shop

* Information including accomodations and tourist spots in Kiryu, can be obtained at the Citizens Activities Promotion Center "Yui" or Tourism & Products Shop "Watarase". Both are located in the South Exit of the JR Kiryu Station.

* Also, visitors can rent bicycles at Yui. Required to show your ID when renting a bicycle.

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access to kiryu city

From Narita International Airport
When Going Back to Narita International Airport from Kiryu
From Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) to Kiryu & From Kiryu to Haneda Airport
From Tokyo to Kiryu & Kiryu to Tokyo [by Tobu Line (Railway)]
From Tokyo to Kiryu [by Shinkansen]
From Tobu Shin Kiryu Sta. to JR Kiryu Sta.(downtown Kiryu)
Highway Access from Tokyo (PDF)

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