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multilingual app■Multilingual App for Foreign Residents for iOS & Android■link:PDF
-Vital information for life in Japan, always at your fingertips!! -

legal consultation■Legal Consultation Days for Foreigners■(link)
Sponsored by Gunma Assosiation of Tourism, Local Products and International Exchange

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Local Government in Japan■[2012 Local Government in Japan](PDF) and
[An Outline of Local Government in Japan]■
Published by Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
festival photo■Kiryu Yagibushi Festival■ (Link)
2020 festival was cancelled.
First Friday to Sunday of August, every year

festival photo■Niisato Festival & Kurohone Summer Festival■ (Link)
> Niisato Festival: August 15, 2020
> Kurohone Summer Festival: August 15 & 16, 2020
Kiryu Hori Marathon■Kiryu Hori Marathon■PDF
Cancelled: February 14, 2021
■Mikagari Ceremony (Mikagari Shinji) ■ (PDF)
February 3, 2021

* Setsubun
Daruma Fair■Daruma Fair■(PDF)
January 17, 2021

* Daruma Doll
IceSkateCenter■Ice Skate Center■PDF
October 27, 2019 to March 31, 2020.
Public Swimming Pool ■Kiryu City Public Swimming Pools■PDF
2020 season ended.
Waste Collection■Kiryu City Waste Collection Calendars 2020-2021■
New waste collection calendars in English, Chinese and Spanish are available at the Kiryu International Exchange Association counter and at kominkans. Please get one from one of these locations or look for it online here. We appreciate your cooperation in recycling to reduce waste!
■Automated Gates at the airport■ (Minstry of Justice)
When you depart from or arrive at the airport on a business or sightseeing trip, you may have to wait in a long line at the landing or departure examination area crowded with people. In such cases, if you use a special lane for automated gates, you can go through landing and departure examination procedures smoothly.
■Information Centers of Immigration Offices■
The Immigration Bureau has established the "Foreign Residents Information Center" to inform and advice foreign nationals. These centers are located at Regional Immigration bureaus and District Offices of Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. Information concerning procedures for entry and stay for foreign nationals is given over the phone or by direct visit in various languages including English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.
* One-stop Consultation "Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents" (PDF)
City Hall counter service on Sunday■Kiryu City Hall Counter Services on Sunday■
Every 1st and 3rd Sundays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Kurohone & Niisato Branch Offices open 1st Sundays only.
Monthly events
*Tenmangu Antique Flea Market & Kaiba Sayaichi Market (PDF)
*Kiryu Station Farmers Market (PDF)
*Kirikko Market at Kiryu Wholesale Market at Kasakakecho, Midori City (every Saturdays, from 9 am to 11 am)
*Higiri Jizo Festival at Kannon-In Temple(PDF), Higashi (24th of every month, all day)
audio guide■English Audio Files for Touring Local Facilities■
The Kiryu International Exchange Association office is currently working on developing MP3 files, PDF texts and guidemaps to help English speaking visitors to Kiryu tour local facilities with audio guidance. See here for these files. Currently, Hosenji Temple, Kiryu Meijikan, the Textile Museum Yukari, Tenmangu Shrine and Hikobe Manor are available for downloading. Tour Kiryu! The city is replete with local history, culture and traditions - and it is a great way to discover the REAL Japan!
Orihime Bus■Orihime Bus Routes & Timetables■
The Kiryu International Exchange Association office has a new bus timetable & route pamphlet available or you can see it here online. Ride the bus.
Caribbean Beach■Caribbean Beach (Indoor Swimming Pool)
The Caribbean Beach is open. With the exception of the summer months from May through September, the facility is closed on Thursdays. This year, swimming classes are being offered as well. Children under the age of 3 or those still in diapers are not admitted to the facility. For further information, please call the Caribbean Beach at 0277-70-2121.
Watarase■Kiryu Kanko Bussan Kan (Tourism & Products) "Watarase"■
The city of Kiryu opened a tourism and industry office at the JR Kiryu Station called "Watarase". Tourist pamphlets are available there and local products are on sale. Be sure and stop by - it is a good chance to buy gifts to take home! For further information, please contact the Kiryu Kanko Bussan Kan at 0277-40-1888.
Kirikko Wholesale Market■Kirikko Wholesale Market■
On every Saturday of each month the Kiryu Public Wholesale Facility opens its doors to the public. The wholesale market is located on Route 50 in Kasakakecho, Midori City. For further information, please call the facility at 0277-76-4181.
[Accesss Map: Jpn lang. only]
Azuma Park Tea Ceremony■Public Tea Ceremony■
Interested in the ancient tea ceremony tradition of Japan? The Kiryu Tea Ceremony Teachers Association conducts tea ceremonies on the third Sunday of every month in the "Yuryoku-An" tea house in Azuma Park from 10 am to 3 pm. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Spanish Consultation Service■Spanish Consultation Services■
The Kiryu International Exchange Association Office on the 2nd floor of Kiryu City Hall offers Spanish language interpreting and consultation services for local foreign residents. Hours are every FRIDAY from 11 am to 3 pm. No appointment is necessary. Walk-ins are welcomed.
Sauce Katsudon■Are You a Foodie?■
We have uploaded our "Savor the Flavors of Kiryu" pamphlet about Kiryu specialties and the cuisine of Japan in pdf format. The file is a hefty 12mb in size, but includes a wealth of pictures and information. Check it out
Historical Sites■Interested in Kiryu History & Culture?■
Did you know that Kiryu has a 1300 year tradition in textile production? The city is loaded with historical sites and has lots of events to enjoy. For more information about Kiryu's past, see here. The KIEA Office also has a brochure entitled, "A Guide to Kiryu's Cultural and Historical Institutions." Please stop by for a free copy
Pubulic Library■Kiryu Public Library■
The Kiryu Public Library has a collection of foreign titles in various languages available to the public. There is also a large collection of children's books in foreign languages. For more information about the library see here for English, Chinese and Spanish
. (PDF)
Kiryu Festival Photo■Discover Kiryu Maps■
The Kiryu International Exchange Association Office has city maps available in English for foreign residents. If you are interested in receiving a map, please come by the office for a free copy. For a complete listing of printed materials available at the KIEA office, see here
hiking■Hiking Maps and Nature Guide■
Kiryu is a terrific place for hiking. There are many, many kilometers of hiking trails all around the city. From beginner to advanced level trekking - there's something for everyone! Many of the trails lead past historic spots. Be sure to check out the new nature guide and trail maps for more information. It's all free and most trails can be reached by bus. Read all about the plants and animals in the area and then check out the maps to see where you would like to explore. It's a great way to get to know this beautiful city
sports■Sports Facilities Guide & Map■
Interested in sports??? See the Kiryu Area Public Sports Facilities Guide and Map for information about what you can do in Kiryu and where you can do it. The guide includes martial arts as well as other sports
 volunteers■Emergency Disaster Volunteers - We Need You!■
The Kiryu International Exchange Asso. is recruiting foreign resident volunteers who can speak Japanese and foreign languages to serve as interpreters and/or translators in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. These volunteers will be of great importance in helping the foreign residents of Kiryu to act appropriately when a disaster or an emergency strikes the city by providing interpretation and translation services where needed. In particular, they will serve at refuge centers and help disseminate critical information to those who cannot speak or read Japanese. Anyone who can speak Japanese and one or more foreign languages, and is willing to serve as an interpreter/translator, is urged to pick up a colunteer application at the KIEA office, at your local kominkan or at the Kiryu City Hall branch offices in Kurohone and Niisato. For further information, contact the Kiryu International Exchange Association Office at 0277-46-1111 ext. 537. Your help is urgently needed and deeply appreciated!
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