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Available at the KIEA counter

The Kiryu International Exchange Association Office counter has a variety of pamphlets and brochures in various languages available for distribution. Some of these materials were prepared by the KIEA Office, while others are pamphlets made available to us by various international agencies. While the vast majority of the materials available are free of charge, a few of them are available for a small fee.
We hope those interested will feel free to stop by the KIEA office counter to browse these materials. Those materials listed below not indicating a price are free of charge.

List of Printed Materials

Please see also "Kiryu Guide Brochures" page!
A photographic / illustrated guide to Kiryu highlights with an accompanying guidemap. While predominantly written in Japanese, some information is provided in English.
An introduction to some of the more well-known dishes available in the area with an accompanying guide to Japanese cuisine in general. Includes photos.
The Roots of its textile Tradition KIRYU - THE ROOTS OF ITS TEXTILE TRADITIONS
An historical overview of how textile manufacturing got its start in Kiryu along with an explanation of silk raising and silk weaving. Illustrations included.
discover Kiryu Discover Kiryu
A collection of English guide maps of Kiryu by district.
kiryu KIRYU
A general explanation of the city of Kiryu, its geography, history, traditions and economy. In English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.(PDF)
a Guide to kiryu's Cultural and histrical institutions A Guide to Kiryu's Cultural and Historical Institutions
Provides a summary of various cultural and historical locations of interest in Kiryu. In English and Spanish.(PDF)
amazing story Amazing Stories
Tells the stories of several individuals who contributed to the development of the textile industry in Kiryu or in other ways contributed to Kiryu's cultural history. In English and Japanese.(PDF)
Kiryu Nature Guidebook Kiryu Nature Guidebook
Provides a detailed account of the various forms of flora and fauna which can be seen in Kiryu. In English and Japanese.(PDF)
Hiking Map Hiking Map
A series of hiking maps to accompany the nature guide (above). In English and Japanese.(PDF)
Kiryu Area Prehistory Kiryu Area Prehistory
Details the archeological discoveries in the Kiryu area dating from the Iwajuku, Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun eras.
In English and Japanese.
Kiryu Turist Map Kiryu Tourist Map
Produced by the Kiryu Tourism Association, this provides a general overview of the tourist highlights in Kiryu. In English. (Separate Japanese pamphlet also available from the Kiryu Tourism Asso. at the Kiryu City Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Kiryu Waste collection Calendar Kiryu Waste Collection Calendar
Instructions about how to sort waste and put it out for collection. Includes a waste collection calendar .
Available in Chinese, English, and Spanish.
the Tale of Princess Shirataki The Tale of Princess Shirataki
This traditional tale tell how weaving came to be introduced to the people of Kiryu some 12oo years ago. The story and illustrations inthe book are done by local artist, Kan Matsuzaki. The original book was reprinted by permission of the author on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Kiryu International Exchange Association. Available in Chinese/Japanese, English/Japanese, Italian/Japanese, Portuguese/Japanese, and Spanish/Japanese.(PDF)
Emergency Phone numbuer use Emergency Phone Number Use
A pamphlet issued by the Kiryu Regional Fire Department explaining the use of the 119 and 110 emergency telephone numbers. Available in Chinese, English, Farsi, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog.
O-157 contamination pamphlet O-157 Contamination Pamphlet
Based on a manual produced by the City Public Relations Department, the pamphlet describes how to avaoid O-157 contamination, the signs of O-157 infection and what do to in case of.
Available in Chinese, English, Farsi, Korean. Portuguese and Spanish.
Advice for Foreigners Working in Japan The Japanese Labor Ministry in cooperation with the Hello Work Office has published this manual of advice about working in Japan. Available in Chinese, English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog.
Orihime Bus Schedule Orihime Bus Schedule
The Orihime Bus Schedule (city public bus system) has been translated into English for foreign residents.

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