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Shopping for Local Specialities of Kiryu

* The websites of the places below are in Japanese language only..
Shirukuru Kiryu (Kiryu City Torist Information Center)
354-5 Honcho, Kiryu [map]
Phone : 0277-32-4555
Hours : 9 am to 6 pm
Items : pamphlets, foods, etc.
Watarase Gift Shop Kiryu Tourism & Products Shop "Watarase"
Inside JR Kiryu Station, 11-1 Suehirocho, Kiryu [map]
Phone: 0277-40-1888
Hours: 7 am to 7 pm, open year round
Items: textile products, Kinopi goods, foods (Udon, Snacks, Sweets etc.), etc.
Kiryu Textile Weavers Union Shop Kiryu Textile Weavers Union Shop
6-6 Eirakucho, Kiryu : Orimono Kinenkan 1st Floor (near Don Quijote Dept. Store) [map]
Phone: 0277-43-7272
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm, closed last Saturday and Sunday of each month
Items: textile products (bag, necktie, obi, kimono, wallets, silk fabric, sell-phone charms, wall ornament, etc)

Local Industries Promotion Center Gift Shop Kiryu Local Industries Promotion Center 1F Gift Shop
2-5 Orihimecho, Kiryu (next to Performing Arts Center) [map]
Phone: 0277-46-1011
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, closed Tuesdays
Items: textile products, Kinopi goods, foods (Udon, Sake, Shiitake Mashroom, Snacks, Sweets etc), etc.
Kiryu Citizens' Activities Promotion Center "YUI"
Inside JR Kiryu Station, 11-1 Suehirocho, Kiryu [map]
Phone: 0277-47-4066
Hours: 10 am to 9 pm (weekends & holidays to 6 pm)
Items: Kinopi goods

*Bicycle rental available
Umeda Furusato Center Umeda Furusato Center (udon & soba restaurant, local products)
5-7568-1 Umedacho, Kiryu [map]
Phone: 0277-32-1100
Hours: 9 am to 4 pm, closed Mondays
Items: foods, small items
Niisato Farmers Market Niisato Farmers Market
553-1 Akagisan, Niisatocho, Kiryu [map]
Phone: 0277-74-4100
Hours: March to Oct - 9 am to 5 pm; Nov to Feb - 9 am to 4 pm, closed Mondays
Items: foods
Kurohone Yamabiko Michi-no-Eki Kurohone - Yamabiko (restaurant & local products)
91-4 Shimotazawa, Kurohonecho, Kiryu [map]
Phone: 0277-96-2575
Shop Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, closed Tuesdays
Restaurant Hours: 11 am to 5 pm, closed Tuesdays
Parking and Restroom facilities open 24 hours
Items: foods
Textile Museum Yukari Textile Museum "Yukari" Gift Shop
4-2-24 Higashi, Kiryu (near Catholic Kiryu Church) [map]
Phone: 0277-45-3111
Hours: 10 am to 4 pm, closed Mondays
Items: textile calendar and other textile products
Yukata-ya San Yukata-ya San (Cotton Kimono Shop)
9-14 Suehirocho, Kiryu (Green Mirai Building 1st Floor) [map]
Phone: 0277-30-3016
Items: Yukata (summer kimono) and related goods
Kiryu Sakuraya Kiryu Sakuraya (sells fabric)
5-58 Honcho, Kiryu (along Honcho Street) [map]
Phone: 0277-43-5111
Hours: 10 am to 7 pm, closed Wednesdays
Items: textile products
Kiryu Washi Workshop (residence of Mr. Masutaro Hoshino)
5-7348 Umedacho, Kiryu [map]
Phone: 0277-32-0201
Items: handmade washi papers (various size and purposes of papers)

What's good to eat in Kiryu? Plenty!

 Please take advantage of your stay in Kiryu to sample the local delights and discover why Japan is known the world over for its delicious cuisine.
 The following is a brief list of some kinds food which are either unique to Kiryu or, at least, considered Kiryu favorites.
 Kiryu is a nationally known as a textile center, however, it has also achieved a reputation as "Udon no machi, Kiryu." (Kiryu, the Udon Town.) In other words, this is a good place to eat udon noodles. Every neighborhood in Kiryu has at least one udon shop.

* Himokawa Udon(↓photo) at Furukawa Restaurant (map) and Fujiya Honten (map) are an unique type of Kiryu Udon. Each flour noodles are very very wide!

【Sauce Katsudon】
 Sauce Katsudon is by far Kiryu's most famous dish. While the name "souce katsudon" is used elsewhere, the popular flavor loved by locals is unique to Kiryu. There are rastaurants in Kiryu specializing in this local favorite. (map : Shitamiya Restaurant & Fujiya Restaurant)
 Bite-size pork cutlets, which have been breaded and deep-fried, are dipped into a pungent sauce and served on a hot bowl of rice. The cutlets are crispy, tangy, and the rice is well-seasoned with the sauce.
 No one should live in Kiryu without sampling this local specialty. It was invented here!
 Hanapan is a local confection. More like a soft cookie than a cake or bread, as the “pan” part of its name implies, hanapan have a sugar coating and go well with tea or coffee.
 While hanapan cannot be kept for a long time without drying out, they are a welcome “omiyage” from Kiryu.
 You can find hanapan at the Komatsuya Shop and Nisseido in downtown area. (map)
【Ice Manju】
 Ice Manju is a frozen confection originating from Japan. The wrapper dates back to the 1940’s and 1950’s, from which time it remains unchanged.
 Ice Manju were first made here in Kiryu and labeled “traditional ice cream.” The manju is filled with azuki bean paste and then surrounded by a very thick coating of enriched milk. People are surprised by the weight of the manju when holding it. Its rounded shape and retro wrapping are unmistakable.
 Those who try it become repeat customers. Ice Manju are made in Kiryu at the Shirofuji Confectionary (map) in Aioicho 1 chome, and can also be found in Kiryu at local convenience stores, especially during the summer months.
【Kororin Shumai】
kororin shumai
 If you have ever eaten shumai, you might be tempted to say that kororin shumai are not shumai. This specialty snack food, found only in Kiryu, is made of a gelatinous substance and flavored with a little onion and some vegetables.
 The steamed dumpling-like shumai are then seasoned with a Worchestershire-like flavored sauce and topped off with some nori (dried seaweed) flakes.
 You have to try it - it defies description. Kororin shumai has its staunch supporters, and when the little kororin shumai truck rolls by announcing its savory fare... people chase after it to buy some. (map)
 While not exclusive to Kiryu, “yaki manju” are claimed to be a joshu (old name for the Gunma area) specialty.
 Most often, these sweet miso paste-basted, grilled buns are eaten during local festivals, There are take out shops in the city, however, which serve them year-round.
 The flat buns are skewered and then placed over a charcoal fire, roasted and basted with the sweet miso sauce. The smell of yaki manju grilling is tantalizing and few can pass by a festival stall without buying some. (Maezawaya & Nishikiya: map)

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