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Kiryu Pachinko Industries

Pachinko manufacturing began in Kiryu after World War II during the period of industrial reconstruction. The development into a top-scale pachinko manufacturing region did not happen overnight, nor without overcoming serious challenges.
pachinko factory photo
production line in a pachinko factory
Traditionally, Nagoya has been the "pachinko capital" of Japan, boasting over 200 makers. In 1949, Kenkichi Nakajima established Heiwa Corporation in Kiryu and in 1951, Kazuji Shimizu and Mitsuo Ioki established Sophia Corporation. Both companies began operation with about 10 employees as "cottage industries". Once they began production, however, they soon encountered difficulty because they were located far from other makers and getting parts from distant manufacturers was a problem.
In response to this claim, they decided, "If we can't get parts readily from distant suppliers, we'll just have to make them ourselves." As a result of their determination, they succeeded in creating a group of highly skilled technicians and produced parts and products with unique and creative designs.
No sooner had they overcome the problem of access to parts than a law was passed outlawing "consecutive play" (in which the pachinko balls would automatically feed into the machine). This act seriously hurt the manufacturing world, reducing the number of makers by one-sixth. Kiryu manufacturers, however, once again demonstrated their resourcefulness by producing a new type of machine. This machine was named, "Jinmit" - a name reflecting the "Jinmu Economy" of the time. (Jinmu Economy was the name given to the post-war period boom economy in Japan.) These new machines became an overnight sensation and thrust Kiryu into the forefront of pachinko manufacturing in Japan.
pachinko machines
popular pachinko machines
Next. Kiryu manufacturers succeeded in producing an "automatic" machine (one that did not require attendants to retrieve the pachinko balls), and an "attach/detach separator" which once again revolutionized the world of pachinko manufacturing.
Later, during the 1970's, Kunio Busujima (who had left Heiwa to establish Sankyo Corporation) invented the "Fever" machine, an immensely popular model. The three Kiryu manufacturers brought in high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment to produce a stream of new models, thus clinching a major share of the market, surpassing Nagoya makers.
Kiryu pachinko manufacturers have consistently demonstrated a frontier spirit and level of innovation unprecedented in the industry. Pachinko fans and parlors alike are delighted with the models produced by Heiwa. Sophia is well known for its contributions to the local area and to developing human resources. Sankyo's mottos of "Contrive originality!" and "Do the impossible!" encourage suggestions from all its employess, creating a unique workplace.
pachinko manufacturing
high-tech pachinko manufacturing
These three manufacturers have overcome many barriers on the way to success and have contributed significantly to the prosperity of the city of Kiryu.

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